FAQ...  (the following questions & answers are from SDA website)

  1. Where can I get an application?
  2. What training is required to qualify for an Oklahoma SDA license?
  3. What will exempt me from the Oklahoma SDA training requirement?
  4. How much does it cost to get a license?
  5. Can I get my money back if it’s not approved?
  6. How long is my license good for?
  7. Do I have to have an Oklahoma Driver License or state issued I.D. card?
  8. What if I’ve been arrested?
  9. Will a DUI or public intoxication arrest prevent me from getting a license?
  10. What is considered domestic abuse in the state of Oklahoma?
  11. Will an arrest for assault and battery prevent me from getting my license?
  12. If I have a pardon for a felony conviction, can I get a license?
  13. What if I have an active warrant?
  14. What if I get arrested after I get my license?
  15. What if I’ve had a protective order filed against me?
  16. What if I’ve had mental health treatment?
  17. How will drug use affect my eligibility?
  18. Can I carry in Oklahoma if I have a license from another state?
  19. Can I carry in other states if I have an SDA license from Oklahoma?
  20. What do I do if my license is lost or stolen?
  21. How do I change my name and/or address on my license?
  22. Once I submit my application, when should I expect to receive my license?
  23. I have moved out of state. Is my permit still valid?
  24. How long do I have to live in Oklahoma before I am eligible for a license?
  25. Can I transfer my out of state license to Oklahoma?
  26. Are non-residents allowed to have an Oklahoma SDA license?
  27. Can military personnel stationed in Oklahoma get an Oklahoma SDA license?
  28. If I am married to someone with permanent military orders in Oklahoma, do I have to have an Oklahoma Driver’s License or state issued I.D. to get an Oklahoma SDA license?
  29. Do I have to be a U.S. citizen?
  30. What counts as acceptable proof of citizenship if I was born outside of the United States?
  31. What if my application is denied?
  32. How do I get my license reinstated after suspension?
  33. Do I have to register my handgun with the state?
  34. How do I renew my license?
  35. When can I renew my license?
  36. Do I have to take additional training in order to renew my license?
  37. How do I become an instructor?
  38. Are there places I can’t carry my gun?
  39. Can I check the status of my spouse’s application?
  40. Can I find out if someone has a license?
  41. What should I do if my fingerprints get rejected?
  42. My license has expired.  Can I still carry my handgun?
  43. If I get notice that my license is being suspended or revoked, what do I do?
  44. How many weapons may I carry on my person or in my vehicle?